Booking an appointment with the Counsellor on Family Counselling is very easy! Simply follow the 3 easy steps as showed below:



〉 Click on Free Register
〉 Enter a name and email ID
〉 Enter a password
〉 Confirm your age and submit


Why do I need to register?
Registering allows you to:
〉 Purchase sessions *
〉 Manage your appointments



〉 Log in to My Account
〉 Click on Buy Sessions
〉 Select the number of sessions
〉 Proceed to the payment gateway


How many sessions to buy?
 The counsellor will advise you:
〉 How many sessions are required  *
〉 The frequency of sessions *



〉 Click on Book Appointment
〉 Select the date(s) and time(s)
〉 Enter COUPON CODE (if any)
〉 Press Submit to confirm


Why do I need to book in advance?
Advance booking is required to:
〉 Ensure seat availability
〉 Prepare each session



〉 You are done!
〉 Wait for your appointment date
〉 Sit comfortably in a quiet place
〉 The counsellor will contact you


What are the session details?
〉 Check base fare price *
〉 Duration is about 60 minutes *
〉 Session can be on phone or VoIP *


Session are usually available from Mon to Saturday from 9AM to 8PM depending on the counsellor availability. 

Note: Timings on Public Holidays are subject to change. We reserve the right to modify any timing without notification.

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