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Looking for family counselling in Hyderabad? You are at the right place! Richa Khetawat is a Family and Marriage Counsellor in Hyderabad providing  counselling services to help individuals and couples find a solution to their family or relationship issues. Since more than 10 years, Richa has helped people manage problems such as: adultery in marriage, emotional infidelity, family abuses, jealousy, anxiety, anger, depression, parenting concerns, and much more...


What is Family Counselling Hyderabad?

The objectives of counselling is to help your family improve in coping with your relationship issues in your day to day life. The process of counselling is strongly based on trust and sharing between you and the counsellor. Family Counselling Hyderabad provide online counselling session via phone or Internet therapy as well as face-to-face counselling.

Family counselling or marriage counselling is sometimes still considered as a taboo in India. However, you should not be afraid as already many individuals and couples have successfully chosen to get help with family or marriage counselling in Hyderabad. Besides, it is totally confidential so nobody in your family will know about it!


Do you need to go for counselling in Hyderabad?

Many people in Hyderabad hesitate to go for counselling therapy. But those who have taken their chance didn't regret it! Indeed, the family counsellor is there to listen to you and provide guidance to find the right solution to your problems!  You may be feeling like many other people in Hyderabad: confused, lost, overwhelmed by feelings, lonely, angry, depressed, anxious...  Without realising it, you are probably letting those negative thoughts and emotions affect your everyday life. It is time to seek help from a family counsellor in Hyderabad!


How can Family Counselling Hyderabad help you?

At Family Counselling Hyderabad, our relationship and marriage counsellor will listen to you in a non judgmental way. She will help you express what is sometimes difficult to say. She will help you better understand yourself, your couple or your family relationship. Moreover, the counsellor will help you gain confidence and achieve your dreams by making the necessary changes in your life!


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 Our family counselling services in Hyderabad include but are not limited to: family counselling, relationship and marriage counselling, stress & anxiety management, parenting & children counselling, individual counselling & life coaching.





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