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Looking for family counselling in Bangalore? You are at the right place! Richa Khetawat is an online Marriage Counsellor providing counselling services to help married couples or individuals handle their relationship problems. Richa has over 10 years of experience helping people solve issues like extra-marital affairs, relationship issues with in-laws, family abuses, stress or anger management, parents relationship issues, etc...


What is Family Counselling Bangalore?

Counselling is an active process between you and the counsellor to understand the root of your issues and to build thought practices and routines to improve your functioning as a person or as a couple. The key part for counselling to be efficient is trust in the counsellor and dedication into the advise that will be given to you as part of the counselling therapy.


What are the advantages of online counselling?

Family Counselling Bangalore offers counselling services only via phone or Internet video calls. In terms of therapy, global experts agree that there is no difference in terms of quality and efficientcy between an online therapy and a face-to-face therapy. In fact, online counselling gives you more flexibility in timings as well as more confidentiality, as you can speak to the counsellor from anywhere in Bangalore.



Do you need to go for counselling?

Going for counselling in India is somehow not as common as going to the doctor! Still, you should not feel scared or ashamed if you feel that you need help from a professional. Many individuals and couples from Bangalore have taken the decision to try online counselling. If it worked for them, why not for you!

You are probably feeling like many people in Bangalore: despaired, sad, angry, disturbed, alone, stressed...  You may not be realising it yet, but all those negative feelings will slowly impact your well-being and your overall life. Maybe this is the right time for you to seek help from an online counsellor!


How can Family Counselling Bangalore help you?

Here are the key benefits you will  speaking to our online counsellor at Family Counselling Bangalore: finding someone empathetic to listen to you; not being judged or mocked at; expressing whatever feelings or emotions you cannot express to others; understanding how your mind and emotion work; understanding the engine and backbone in your couple; building self-esteem and confidence to achieve yours dreams... In short, the online counsellor will help you change your life!



Our online counselling services in Bangalore include but are not limited to: family counselling, relationship and marriage counselling, stress & anxiety management, parenting & children counselling, individual counselling & life coaching.


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