Understanding whether you need counselling or not is not always easy. We all should learn to better accept ourselves as humans and get rid of the idea that super humans/sub humans exist. Initially we all feel we can by far manage our stress and deal with our thoughts and emotions. We also feel we will be able to deal with our relationships and achieve our goals. May be at times talking to friends and family helps and we think we are strong enough and do not need counseling. The idea makes us feel as if we are admitting being weak.


“We are at the centre of our universe and have the power of choice with regard to our emotional well being”

Counselling will help you to maximize your individuality, freedom, self interest; at the same time it will help you develop self control. It will help you live your life in an involved committed and loving manner towards yourself and people around you. It will attempt to facilitate individual as well as social interests of the individual. So you have to make your choice. It definitely takes courage to accept that we all need help at some point in some way or another. Counselling will help you actively pursue both your long term goals as well as short term ones.

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“People are disturbed not only by the events and situations in their life but by their view of them”


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