With the complex choices around us life is sometimes overwhelming and confusing. At these times we need some confidential and trustworthy to be able to help us explore and understand ourselves better. Someone who can help us understand our behaviours, goals, dreams, etc; at the same time foster skills in us that take us a long way in dealing with difficulties in certain areas of our lives. The choices that we make in our day to day life determines how fulfilling, effective and balanced life we live. Counselling can also help to sort out issues before they become pathological.

Individual counseling helps u to discover your goals, further explore a path to achieve them by developing skills and getting rid of the unwanted blocks in your way of life. It can help you succeed and celebrate your life. You might sometimes need help in certain aspects of your life like:

• Relationships and Intimacy

• Spirituality and growth

• Stress Management and Balance   

• Health

• Lifestyle and Self-Care

• Family and Parenting

• Motivation and Time Management 

• Ageing

• Career Planning and Development

• Life transitions

• Entrepreneurial Development

• Finances and Budgeting


At the beginning of our sessions I will focus on getting to know you better with the help of your personal history. This will help me explore your individual thought patterns that have been eminently present throughout the course of your life. Further to we will work towards your errors of thinking that lead to certain emotions, actions and choices. With the help of a range of behavioural methods and cognitive techniques I will help you dispute your thoughts and form healthy thinking patterns.

Together with me you will be able to explore your worries and conflicts while building self monitoring and problem solving skills. Soon you will be able to deal with situations were earlier unfathomable and move closer towards feeling satisfied with the events, relationships and tasks in your day to day life. We all have a strong tendency to pursue variety of goals. Fulfillment of these goals brings happiness to our lives. I believe that these purposes can be met by active pursuit rather than passive pursuit. Hence you have to challenge you thoughts and make things work for you.

“Modification of thinking errors in our thinking and language will have a marked-effect on our emotions and actions”




“I am a 40 year old man. I have been working with corporate houses last 15 years. Last few years, I have not been having very pleasant experiences. At times I am really concerned as to why I am not able to adjust to a new job: is it the job environment or my skill-set? What can I do to fulfil expectations that drive me towards completely changing my personality? My huge experience is not being valued and my hard work is not being appreciated by my bosses. Too much of reporting... I feel I am not being given my due space where I will be able to thrive and grow. Are freedom and respect not the pillars of work productivity? Can’t deal with micro management. As a result, I am changing jobs frequently. Difficult to fit into the mould. How do I cope with that? Thank you.”

Rohan S., Bank Analyst, Mumbai


“Dear Sir. can understand how you feel. It is sometime overwhelming when we give our best and still do not seem to fit in. I would advise you that in order to bring in effectiveness in your professional life keep it as away from your personal feelings as you can. When we take up a new job our priority is to understand the work culture and expectations and tune ourselves into it. But at the same time when you realise that the bosses’ expectations are unrealistic, you should start communicating constructively. The longer you take to do that, the further you will feel bogged down. Never take more than you can do, just to start off well. Always leave elbow room in case events stretch out. Balance out and prioritise between what is expected and what also suits your calibre and working style certainly giving more significance to the former but not to an extent that you feel lost.

Further to you have got caught up in strong beliefs where you constantly reflect and judge your life on the basis of how you feel at your office. Your beliefs are like ‘It’s absolutely important that my efforts towards my work are appreciated by bosses and I get encouragement for the same, in case I it does not happen no one can be happy’. The rational alternate belief could be ‘I prefer my efforts are recognised at work, in case they don’t too bad, I still will put in my efforts where I need to as it’s my work’.
Having said that, there are many other personal factors I would like to know as well as work on your other beliefs so that you can organise and compartmentalise your actions and thoughts in a way that you feel happier and in turn find what kind of work you would be suitable for...”

The Family Counsellor

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