Five relationship advise...

Mariage counselling

Conflicts are a part of every partnership involving a person, which remains the same for a couple. This relationship being the closest of all, while on shaky grounds sometimes deeply impacts every aspect of your life...

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How to deal with loneliness?


All of us feel lonely from time to time. Lonesomeness can sometimes be good for us but when loneliness starts affecting our moods in our day-to-day life then we need to be aware of it and work towards it...

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How to reduce stress?

Stress Management

Coping with high levels of stress is called stress management. Stress management often has to be learnt from a professional in order to avoid long term debilitating mental, emotional, physical and social effects on your well being...

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Pre marriage counselling

Premarital counselling

At the beginning of a couple relationship, your feelings are positive towards each other and your relationship compatibility level is high. This is the best time to understand  consciously the future areas of conflict...

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Learn 10 parenting tips

Children Counselling

Raising children in a way that they remain well mannered and disciplined is everyone’s dream.  Teaching a child what we expect from them as parents is a everyday task so it's important to have a consistent parenting style...

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Problems of old age...

Old People Counselling

In old age, you have a wealth of complex experiences and philosophises about life, people and others areas of work. At the same time, there are also a lot of emotional as well as physical issues. These two aspects are connected to each other...

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Why Prenatal counselling?

Pre natal counselling

Pregnancy might be the most rewarding and joyous experiences one can go through at the same time it can be very overwhelming. Whether the pregnancy is planned or unplanned it comes along with a host of anxieties...

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Infertility in women

Women infertility

The condition of infertility in women can have a powerful impact on a couples and individuals life. There is a great danger in the fact that female infertility is usually treated as a medical issue and the emotional aspect of it is left unattended...

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