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Thank you for visiting Family Counselling. We provide counselling services to facilitate transitions in life. Counselling is a shared process between my clients and a counsellor which will flourish with shared efforts. The intention is to promote growth, maturity, while you can improve in your day to day functioning and also improve in coping with your life. Our experienced counsellors help individuals cope with managing anxiety, life transitions, relationships, parenting and adolescent concerns. Read more...


What is Online Counselling?

Counselling is a shared process between you and a family counsellor that aims to help you overcome any form of life transitions. The objective is to promote growth and maturity, while you improve in your day to day functioning and also improve in coping with your life. It’s a alliance where you find your space to process your experience and move ahead with a renewed sense of spirit.

Online counselling is the same therapy but conducted through a digital mean, like phone or video conference on Internet. While the concept is already well established in the west, it is a rather new concept in India, in part due to the taboo still surrounding psychological counselling. Don't be afraid though as the process on Family Counselling is very simple, perfectly secure and absolutely confidential. Besides, one of the great advantages of talking to a family therapist on the phone is that you can preserve your anonymity.

After free registering on Family Counselling India, and adding credit on your personal account, you and any of your family member can book appointments with the counsellor at your prefered time and dates depending on available timeslots. You will then be able to talk with the counsellor in a confidential way, from the comfort of your house or from your office... Learn more about how it works...



Is Online Counselling for you?

Most of us hesitate to seek help from a family counsellor though we might have several reasons to have it on our mind. There could be some obvious reasons for our grief, worry or mismanagement of our daily life. But at other times the reason for our overwhelming feelings might not be very obvious. Without even realising it, we might let our thoughts emotions and behaviour affects our day-to-day quality of life. Sometimes we might just show intense anger, irritability or sadness. Perhaps there could be feelings of loneliness or isolation...

The time when these feelings interfere with our day-to-day goals or relationships, we need to seek help from a family counsellor. It might be difficult to share these feelings with others as some might not understand, others may look down upon you or avoid you, family and peer pressure might further complicate your feelings by adding stress, you might feel ashamed or low on confidence when it comes to sharing with loved ones or there could be several other reasons... Read more




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How can Family Counselling India help you?

Family Counselling India helps you find someone - the online counsellor - who listens to what you are saying and as well as what you might not be saying, without judging you in an empathetic manner. Sometimes it is difficult to put our feelings in words and express them. The family counsellor will help you see yourself in accordance with how you feel, think and behave, also how others see you. At the same time he/she will work hard and believe in your potential to make changes and help you achieve what you want in your life. Find out more about how I can help you...


Still not sure if you need online counselling?

No problem! You will find on Family Counselling India many self help articles that will help you point out some common issues you may be facing in your daily life. After reading the articles, if you feel that you might be concerned by some of these issues and do not know how to handle it yourself, or if they disturb your family, social or professional life, then maybe you should seek help from a counsellor...


“Your trust and commitment coupled with counsellor’s empathy and expertise will work towards fulfilling your needs”





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About Family Counselling India: we provide online counselling for relationship & marriage, stress & anxiety, parenting & children counselling, individual & life coaching in all english speaking countries and have helped hundreds of customers accross USA, Canada, UK, Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore), Australia), Middle East, South Africa, and India (Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow).

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What our clients say about us?

  • “Thank you!

    I've hesitated a long time before trying online counselling. I wasn't comfortable meeting a counsellor in a clinic... So I've tried it out and I don't regret the experience! Thanks for helping me improve my relationship!”

    Urvi, 29

  • “Happy parents!

    We feel we are much better parents now. The Counsellor has provided us with very practical parenting advice to manage our two sons who are 12 and 8. I also feel more confident now as a mother and guide for my children...”

    Bhavika, 38

  • “So Simple...

    Have met many counsellors in clinics since I was a teenager but I have never felt as comfortable as I feel when talking to Richa on the phone! It's so practical and simple to reach her out when I'm low sitting in my room...”

    Priyanka, 25

  • “I recommend...

    I was initially doubtful about this kind of service, but the delivery was good. Still need to sort out some career issues but I've got a better edge on them now. Will surely recommend you to my friends or relatives.”

    Kumar, 36

  • “Very empathetic!

    The sessions with the counsellor went very well. The counsellor is a very empathetic person who has a broad understanding of anxiety issues. [...] I have greatly improved my health thanks to the therapy...”

    Jyoti, 53

  • “Great service!

    Thank you Family Counselling for your services. Your counsellor is doing a great job, and the helpdesk was very helpful when I had small problems to book appointments... Thanks!”

    Dhruv, 45

  • “Very friendly!

    The counsellor is very friendly. She listened to me very patinetly and understood my problems well. She explained the problems to me and gave valuable advices and strategies which helped me deal with my anxiety”

    Deepika, 37

  • “I am glad!

    The counsellor is such a friendly and supportive therapist. She figured out stuff that I was dealing with , which even I didn't know about it, and the way she explained and make me understood things was very intriguing.”

    Vanessa, 29

  • “Very profesional yet caring...

    The Doctor was actually the kind of therapist I was looking for! She is extremely patient and amiable in nature. She hears you out and is always there for you..”

    Shulagna S.

  • “Consultations have helped me...

    I took sessions for depression and anxiety issues. The consultations have helped me in my fight with the disorder. She has offered some practical tips which were effective!"

    Neha, 51

  • “Would definitely recommend!

    The counsellor is very friendly and polite. I have felt much better after taking certain sessions. She is advising me well on how to cope up with problems through a practical approach. Thank you for helping me in rebuilding my strength!"

    Mohammed A.

  • “Very good doctor!

    She is very good doctor. Have patience to listen and treat accordingly. I will recommend her for phyclogical counseling!"

    Vandana S.

  • “Very helpful...

    The counsellor has been very helpful, open, non-judgmental, and most of all friendly person. This helped me speak my mind to eventually plan a path, while it is work in progress. "

    Gaurav, 48

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